The Red Stick Bras and All project strives to supply the shelters of Baton Rouge with sanitary products and underwear for women in need. In 2016, college professor Reva Hines saw that the local agencies providing for homeless women were lacking in women's items such as tampons, pads, bras and underwear. Assisi House has partnered with Red Stick Bras and All to organize the community's efforts in gathering and distributing to shelters all over the city and beyond.

Learn more about us on Facebook, and visit our contact page for a list of items that the Red Stick Bras program continually needs. Fill out the form to set up a donation location and time.

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There are hundreds of young people in our community who have literally been thrown away. They have been labeled as "hard to place", "difficult", or "severely damaged". The Estelle School believes all young people are worthy of being held in community, treated with kindness, and educated, regardless of their challenges. We use the power of storytelling and self-advocacy to work with these young people and those who serve them. We go beyond the surface of trauma-sensitive environments and go back to the universal roots that ground us in self-awareness, the needs for human interaction, and most of all love and acceptance without labels. Learn more about our work here.


DANCE tHerAPPY INC is a nonprofit Studio and Enrichment Program. Their goal is to inspire dancers/non dancers of all ages, shapes and backgrounds to use dance as a positive therapeutic outlet. In hope to enhances a healthier body, mind, and spirit. Their mission is to empower lives through The Art of Dance.